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Autor:  Reinz [ Laupäev, 23 Nov 2019 21:47 ]
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Autor:  Tim [ Reede, 20 Dets 2019 11:34 ]
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Kopeerin siia FB postituse. Õnnetus juhtus pühapäeval, Hispaanias Biskaia lahel, A Coruna sadamast väljudes, paari miili kaugusel kaldast. Olen samas sadamas kolm nädalat ilma oodanud, et Portugali poole saaks edasi minna, aga seal laksab hästi ja siis vist päev peale tuule rahunemist purjetasin Biskaiale ning ootamatult veeres muidu üsna sileda mere peal vastu mitme meetri kõrgune laine, nagu veesein, ja läks mu jahi alt ilma kahjudeta läbi, sest ei olnud murdlaine. Aga alljärgnev inglase jutt kirjeldab, mis juhtub siis kui tuleb murdlaine.

Jaht on MG346, ahtris mu Windy, pilt enne õnnetust:

Ja kipperi jutt:
I am still alive therefore I am still Winning! Though today I nearly lost the game. Left A’coruna in the early hours after having spent a week in port having repairs etc. The conditions were reasonable with a steady sea state, nothing that would raise an eyebrow – forecast was ok too.

Was in the final few miles along the coast of the bay of Biscay before about to turn left to Portugal when everything changed. Suddenly I was surrounded by breaking waves, and they were big. I clipped myself in – something that I have never done before when I was in the cockpit. This saved my life. Two minutes later, I looked right and see a wave as big as a football stadium about to come crashing down on my boat, don’t know where it came from but I braced for impact. My yacht capsized – my worse case scenario - for 30 seconds it felt like being in a washing machine. Finally it rolled back up, with me still clipped in.

The boat is now a scene of utter carnage, sails ripped, solar panels torn off, Kayak snapped in two halfs, water tanks from the saloon have been ripped out and the boat is 4 feet deep of water inside. I had just passed a long collection of rocks, the pounding waves were beating against them and spraying water several meters into the air. We were drifting right towards them. My first thoughts is attempt to control the boat. I attempt an engine restart but does not make a sound. Next I try to steer the boat on the sail, but there is no steering, that must be broke too and in any event sail is in tatters. I go down below and I press the emergency button on VHF and attempt to make a call. Get nothing back – either out of range or VHF damaged due to water ingress. I have no idea if emergency signal went though. I cant just sitback and be rescued as I do not know if anyone is coming – besides I don’t have long before the yacht could be ploughing into the rocks. I deploy the life raft just in case while I weigh up the options - there were not many, I was on my own with no comms in a deserted sea with crashing waves around me.

I realised that the decision I made could be life or death. Do I sit back stay in the yacht which has shelter, food, a bigger and more buoyant area and hope I miss the rocks, when it looks like I am heading straight for them. Ordinarily on a level playing field you would step up of ur yacht only when its sinking into the life raft as a yacht generally holds a better change of survival. However this was not a level playing field. If I stayed in the yacht I was helpless – nothing I could do to prevent the yacht hitting the rocks if thats the course it took. At least in the life raft I might be able to paddle it and it will drift slower then the yacht so it will buy me time I reckoned it would buy me an extra 10 – 15 minutes. If the yacht hits the rocks it will be too late for me to jump in life raft it will be no good to me, the yacht, life raft and I would be smashed into rocks. Do I risk it and abandon ship in hope that I might be able to have some control over steering of life raft or do I stay put those were my options – Do or die!

I decide to wait 10 minutes and see what course the wind is pushing us. Its ten minutes I could not really afford but I would have a better idea of course after ten minutes - The ten minutes felt like a life time as I watched the rocks get closer We were on course for the rocks, I concluded we had more chance of hitting the rocks than not, so that was my decision made.

I went down below, gathered my passport and money, dry suit and a knife. (My phone, iPad and MacBook had been destroyed by the sea and were floating in the saloon). I then pulled the life raft in, jumped in and very reluctantly cut the line. I went through the provisions that are in the life raft and assembled the paddle. I paddled frantically, draw stroking. The waves kept on coming. At one point I was flattened by a breaking wave on top, it was like being vac packed - but it soon pops up again and I kept on paddling.

I miss the first set of rocks then the second set of rocks and third set of rocks and so on until eventually an hour and a half later I am clear of all the rocks and now in the middle of some big bay. I stop take stock and assess the situation – I know I will live now the danger has gone I am very relieved, I may have to second sometime in the life raft but that’s ok as I have made it through the real danger. I prepare myself for potentially a long time in my new digs. I Decide to close the doors, keep warm and figure things out.

About half an hour later I hear a helicopter – They are going up and down the coast. Eventually they spot me and come over and I get winched from the sea. We all have late lunch tougher at their base. They said I was very luckily – I am. The emergency button on my radio had worked though it could not transmit until it was clear of the rocks, so they tell me which is why they only got the transmission an hour and a half later as it sent as soon as it had line of sight to a mast.

My yacht as it turned out just missed the rocks also – and when I say just missed I mean literally just missed. Yacht has been recovered but is going nowhere soon - I will repatch repair and continue in due course but will take some time and no doubt lots of money! And that my friends is a difficulty day in the office!


FB-s oli ka video, kus ta kopterisse vintsiti, aga ei hakka seda siia linkima. Selles mõttes läks hästi, et mees jäi ellu, jaht veepeale ja mast püsti, Windy paistab ka ok olema, isegi vineerist puri on alles, aga rahaliselt ikkagi valus löök ja inglane mõtleb nüüd, et ostab vb hoopis mingi odava jahi sealtkandist, et trippi jätkata.

Kes Biskaiat plaanib ületada, võiks kaaluda kohe "ümber nuka" purjetada, teispoole Finisterrat, kus on näiteks üks kalurite sadam Fisterra, kohe armsa linnakese all.

Autor:  sults [ Reede, 20 Dets 2019 22:41 ]
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Kuna ma pole suurem asi FB kasutaja, seda anonüümseks jäänud isikut FB-s ei jälgi ja siinsed pildid on asendatud keelumärgiga, siis otsisin ise üles ühe artikli, kus ilmselt seda sündmust kirjeldatakse ja kus ka ilma sisse logimata pilte näeb. Et ilmselt on minusuguseid veelgi, siis jagan seda linki: ... ish-coast/

Autor:  Rooli Robi [ Laupäev, 21 Dets 2019 20:00 ]
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Ei hakanud seda inglist põhjalikumalt ragistama, aga mõlgutan mõtet, et Biskaia olud halva õnne korral võivad väga karmid olla... Võimalusel tasub lugeda kogenud meremehe Herman Sergo raamatut Lootsitoa jutud. See on, võiks öelda, praktiline käsiraamat meresõitudel juhtunust läbi aastate. Nii purjelaevadest, aurikuist, kui ka mootorlaevadest. Raamatu leiab vist raamatukogudest ja antikvariaatidest. Teine trükk aastast 1978.
Minu mulje järgi eriti karmid on jutud: Seitse laulatussõrmust. Viis laeva. Viljandi hukk. Sealt leitu võib arukale inimesele vahel väga abiks olla.

Autor:  itatae [ Esmaspäev, 23 Dets 2019 18:19 ]
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Englishmenid ja leedid oskavad oma kaasmaalasi ikka kosutada – vägagi tuntud nimed on õnnetule advokaadihärrale appi tõtanud :wink: : ... hare-sheet

Elizabeth Windsor donated £10
I used to have my own Yacht you know, we called it Britannia, she sailed the high seas, much like your little vessel, but in far greater style and with a lot more staff. Sadly that ghastly Tony Blair decommissioned her. Fond memories of our great Britannia, and long May she reign in all our hearts

Theresa May donated £5
I’m generally indecisive but on this matter indecision didn’t trouble me. Plus, I usually follow David Cameron, and I just hope Richard that your boat is in better nick than the mess Cameron left me to deal with. Ps. Well done BJ.

David Cameron donated £5
Having created all this Brexit Mess its the very least I could do.

Autor:  sults [ Neljapäev, 26 Dets 2019 09:05 ]
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Kaubalaev sattus Sardiinia rannikul karidele. Karmi ilma tõttu sai kopter meeskonna laevalt maha võetud alles järgmisel päeval.
Fotod ja videod: ... n-sardinia

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